“Just learning more about spine surgery and the different options for dealing with pain was very helpful and literally made my back feel better. Dr Hanscom has a lot of credibility with me because he’s undergone back surgery himself and also experienced many of the same things I’ve struggled with such as anger, victimhood, and anxiety. I am working on these issues and will continue to do so.”

- D. I., successful lumbar surgery patient

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the past four years. You have been the closest thing to a therapist that I have ever had. This process has treated my ongoing chronic muscle and nerve pain as well as my stress and emotional issues as much or more than the surgery you performed four years ago. You renewed my faith in the medical profession and have given me hope that your concepts will continue to help others and me. I will take all you have taught me and continue to change my life for the better.”

- I.L., patient whose persistence over four years solved her chronic pain

“Hi Dr. Hanscom … Back In Control program seems to have worked for me. My lower back and leg pain has disappeared and I’m a firm believer in the process, especially the concept that anxiety is the driver of tension and pain in many cases.”

- K.T., pre-law student who was forced to drop out of law school due to pain. He is now pursuing pre-med.

“I am grateful that you were my person/surgeon and that you simply cared enough to dig deeper into the healing process and give me the information that I needed at the right time to truly help complete the process… sometimes just giving patients permission to ‘be where they are’ is healing… especially those of us that manage to put enough pressure on

- T.N., physical therapist who worked for a year to eventually complete her healing after a lumbar decompressive surgery

“This book has relevance for anyone with chronic pain, not just those with back/spine or other orthopedic issues. I’d like to see it get a wide readership.  I wanted you to know that your book was very valuable in educating me about what was happening at every stage of my recovery—hence my strong recommendation that you try to reach as many people as possible.”

- C.K., reader